Original Artist: Bryan Adams

Cover Artists: DJ Sammy & Yanou featuring Do

5 thoughts on “Original Artist: Bryan Adams

  1. Anonymous

    how about some commentary on the Hoagie man endorsing ACKLIN?!?!?

    I got 3 phone calls about it today! I thought it was a practical joke.

  2. Bram Reichbaum

    Anon 7:54 – Matt's not an impulsive operator. That was clearly the result of some kind of political calculation — on behalf of his community and his own position probably in equal measure. It could be that he's realized that ordinary people get more out of this Mayor through criticism than through unflagging support. Or it could be more broadly settling in — at the outset of an uninterrupted, interminable, unfathomable four-year term — that it will be more popular in political circles to attack this Mayor's shortcomings than offer up the usual figleafs.

    I just came from my dad's house, where two committee members had left a signed letter in his screen door. In it they urged him to vote for several Democratic candidates, namely Jack Panella, Anne Lazarus, Teresa Sarmina, Susan DiLucente and Joe Williams. No whisper of a mention of the Mayor's race. Seems people are getting ready to be themselves again.

    Tacitus – Thanks for the link, but I'll pass. A fair article and useful for a national audience but I don't see anything new there. It's easy to quibble with “By most measures he has been a fairly successful mayor” but most measures aren't terribly sophisticated or insightful.

  3. Anonymous

    As the result of the Mayor's race is a forgone conclusion…


    …Sent following to Lawyer and Law Professor.

    Very interested given the unprecedented amount of humans, less than 25 years of age that currently inhabit our planet.


    Your description of monkfish is applicable.

    It was Judge Jim Flaherty, on elevator.

    Read some interesting stuff in book on 2012. ‘Ten steps of Consciousness‘… Quaker like and monkish.

    Touches on Copenhagen Treaty and globalization…might say I am disciple given microcosm that is Alpark Terrace…

    Are we as a Nation of Consumers and Accumulators, legally responsible for exploitation of natural resources of other countries ? That is to say, are the natural resources owned by countries or the people of the Earth collectively? In Copenhagen the talk is we owe the peoples of the Earth reparations.

    Maybe it is the Governments of those exploited and not the U.S. who are accountable?

    No question about it, rain forests were destroyed to advance McDonalds Dollar Menu…likewise, Middle Eastern Nations squandered oil dollars and gassed Kurds….a message sent to all who live in poverty.

    You and Professor Joe, as Lawyers, should be intrigued by circumstance…I think that Court would be in Netherlands….



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