Oversight Boards Nix Parking Study *

Remember that quarter of a million dollars the Council claimed it found in its couch cushions to pay for its own study of parking issues from financial “scholars“?

The Intergovernmental Cooperation Authority and Act 47 board said the transfer of money “is deemed to be in violation of law,” according to a letter to council sent by City Solicitor Dan Regan.

Henry Sciortino, executive director of the Intergovernmental Cooperation Authority, advised the city to “immediately cease and desist negotiations with any contractors concerning this matter,” the letter said. (Trib, Brandolph)

ERP! You know, Council seems to be having a bit of trouble lately in the execution department. I’ll suggest again: can we tap our own universities to whip up something FO’ FREE? It’s to everybody’s benefit.

MORE: Infinonymous seems to be implying that this is really going to shake things up this time.

*-UPDATE: Viceroy Sciortino: “I see this (being finalized) in days, not weeks,” he said. “The only way that it’s problematic is if it’s unreasonable.” (Trib, Brandolph)

3 thoughts on “Oversight Boards Nix Parking Study *

  1. TheTruth

    It is OK to take financial advice from of a firm who will make $3 million+ if (and only if) a garage lease is struck, but don't you dare try to get independent advice for a fraction of the cost. I declare it illegal!

    -H. Sciortino

  2. Bram Reichbaum

    My understanding is that Council's attempt violated some rule disallowing deviations from the annual budget which exceed 1.5% (of something), without prior consent of the oversight boards.

    The ICA's website has been down all day — not that it's generally good for much besides generating a creepy zapping sound.


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