Peduto: $1 / Car for the Greater Hill

Darrell Sapp, P-G

Count it:

The Dollar A Car Parking Benefit District is a fair, legal way to make sure that Hill residents and businesses share in the prosperity of redevelopment efforts. Lets make it happen. (Songs of Policy, Bill Peduto #25)

It almost sounds as though it’s a zoning district. Exquisite.

The Comet has been on board with the idea of structuring community benefits to actually trickle from highly subsidized, public-land seizing, elephantine developments into our actual neighborhoods since our adolesence. It has also been certain that a healthy, mainly residential, and presently existent Greater Hill (and geographically, it alone) is vital to the ceiling for the economic vibrancy, and the floor to economic weakness, of Pittsburgh’s proper Downtown. This sounds like a responsible, grassroots and very appropriate way to go about reconstructing a vibrant Hill.

And it’s about time we all came together and did that.

18 thoughts on “Peduto: $1 / Car for the Greater Hill

  1. Anonymous

    The first step towards revitalizing the Hill was the demolition of the Civic Arena. This was completed over the objections of Peduto, who seemed happy to ignore the sentiments of the Hill community on the matter.

  2. Bram Reichbaum

    Anon 5:13, the demolition of the Civic Arena revitalizes the Penguin$ alone, as the URA & SEA handed over a monopoly on the development rights (and apparently, also all zoning privileges) on that land directly to them.

    I'd have loved to take the temperature of the Hill community towards using all or even a tiny part of the actual ARENA for development, community or remembrance, IF there was ever a legitimate feasibility exploration for profitable reuses. But the Pens needed their blank slate to clear the way for XFinity Live West or whatever corporate monstrosity is slouching towards Bethlehem.

    But we're getting way off track. Better to do this under any mayor than not to do it. Structured, impartial community empowerment — funded by the tiny, equitable disbursements from the actual consumers at the adjoining pleasure palace — is a good thing, especially here.

  3. Anonymous

    I actually like this idea. The website asserts that it is legal. Has it been tested anywhere or is there a local lawyer willing to say the same thing?

  4. Bram Reichbaum

    Anon 8:18 – Bill's website asserts, “Parking Benefit Districts have been used across the country to allow residents and business owners to share in the revenue generated from people parking in their neighborhoods to shop, attend events, or go to work.” A google search of “Parking Benefit Districts” seems to turn up hits in Austin, Houston, and the Boston metro area. I guess it would take an attorney to confirm that PA doesn't have some special legal prohibition.

  5. Anonymous

    This is not new. LaVelle proposed the $1 a car back during the arena demolition proceedings. Peduto was against it – yes against the $1 per car AND the demo of the arena, before he was in favor of it.

  6. Bram Reichbaum

    Anon 8:40 – I don't recall LaVelle having been for this, or Peduto having been against it. But even on the off chance you're correct, big deal, now is now. Let's have them both support it now together with everyone else.

  7. Bram Reichbaum

    Firstly, that's a one-time payout of parking TAX revenue, which comes out of an existent citywide pool which by the way already is being stressed (pension fund). Secondly, that $2 million was to go to projects the URA is earmarking, and they play favorites… superior to create a new dedicated revenue stream, and superior to wait until the whole community is at the table.

  8. Anonymous

    Here's an original idea that I humbly submit to Bill Peduto that he can call his very own.

    Forget the car incentives – take the money and give Hill residents free bicycles, and work on making the Hill more bike-friendly with lanes, markings, trails, and a community-oriented bikeshop/gearhouse.

  9. Anonymous

    “Natalia Rudiak was out of the room when the vote occurred” – LOL! Tonya Payne called – she wants her tactic back.

  10. Bram Reichbaum

    Bike-friendly would be a plus, but I think we should check what Hill residents think are priorities before installing solutions from above. Home repairs, public transit (seniors are less well-off on bikes) and kickstarter loans for small biz seem to be among the priorities. I wouldn't think “give bicycles” is a great idea except maybe for children… that'd be sweet… but I still might look for donated used bikes rather than purchase new to give away.

  11. Anonymous

    Checking with Hill residents, now there we have a novel idea. As stated above, not too many Hill residents were on board with the Arena Preservation efforts. The Arena fractured their community, which is a fact that most of the “preservationists” glossed over in the discussion. The car program idea didn't exactly excite people when Lavelle came up with it, I hardly expect that to change now that Peduto has stolen the puck and is skating with it.

    Yes, checking with Hill residents on priorities…very good idea, another one that Peduto might be able to pass off as his own, if we quietly discuss it here.

  12. Helen Gerhardt

    @April 29, 2013 at 3:38 PM

    As Bram has covered here at the Comet a number of times, Carl Redwood and the Hill District Consensus Group have been working hard within their own community to hear the concerns and will of their neighbors on the Hill and to build this Dollar a Car campaign for a LONG time. Redwood and the Hill District Consensus Group are as respectful and representative of thorough community engagement, democratic process and self-empowerment as you can get.

    News coverage on the campaign from 2011:

    From 2012


    Peduto respects these efforts and supports them. He is not claiming this idea, but, in line with his long practice, he is listening and empowering grassroots leadership and community planning processes. His website says:

    The Hill Consensus Group, recognizing that this parking is not going away and that it is a significant source of revenue for the Penguins, believes the residents and business owners in the Hill should share in that prosperity. They have proposed a plan called A Dollar A Car that would direct some of that revenue to address the real needs of the community. I endorse this plan and, as Mayor, I will work with the Hill Consensus Group and other stakeholders to ensure its effectively implemented.


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