Peduto Getting Younger by the Minute

Do you get spam from the Pittsburgh League of Young Voters? So do we. Here’s an item that grabbed our attention:

Three (3) members of its Executive Committee are stepping down to work on the Peduto campaign. (Press release) That’s 20%.

We are already familiar with campaign manager Matt Merriman-Preston, of Chelsea Wagner renown.

He is joined by Lindsay Patross, co-founder of IHeartPgh, finance director for Georgia Berner for Congress, and one of Pittsburgh Magazine’s reigning “40 Under 40.”

The third is Dan Lavelle, veteran of Councilman Sala Udin’s office, which is all we could find on a quick Google search.

Their committee resignations are temporary. The release states, “While Matt, Lindsay and Dan remain committed to the work of the League of Young Voters, we all agree that it would be a conflict of interest to simultaneously serve on the Executive Committee while working as a paid staffer for a political campaign.”

We have long puzzled over neautrality issues in regards to the Pgh League of Young Voters. During the mid-term elections, they seemed quite “in the tank” against Republicans. Comet readers are by now familiar with our national politics. Yet we thought an organization in their position wouldn’t want to so brazenly alienate young conservatives.

3 thoughts on “Peduto Getting Younger by the Minute

  1. Matt H

    Great post. I was also disturbed to know that these resignations are only temporary ones. So when Luke wins and they go back to their positions are they suddenly going to forget that they were involved on one side of the race?

  2. Anonymous

    And how about Yarone Zober & his affiliation with the democratic committee? Has he resigned from his posts so that he can work full time for the taxpayers?

  3. Matt H

    Democratic Committee is not a paid position nor does it require any interferance with his daily duties for the city.


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