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  1. Anonymous

    Griffin likes the boy mayor. Gives him regular promo time. It’s one reason alot of people have turned off KDKA radio

  2. Schultz

    Yeah, Griffen became the mayor’s buddy soon after the first debate of the 2007 general election, which is where Luke physically assaulted Griffen following < HREF="" REL="nofollow">Griffen’s verbal smackdown<> of the mayor in front of myself and members of the local media. Griffen was on the air the next day talking about how he was confronted and assaulted by the mayor and one of his goons. Apparently someone from the city complained to KDKA and then they said something to Griffen, so he soon changed his tune and said the mayor was joking around when he “pushed” him(he was red in the face, he was not joking), and so thus began the Marty and Lukey love affair.

  3. WalksLikeADuck

    <>It’s one reason alot of people have turned off KDKA radio<>You got that right. Listening to Griffin throw softball after softball to the mayor was too much. Speaking of Griffin, What ever happened to the Matt H. Housing Authority investigation?

  4. Bram Reichbaum

    Did anyone listen to this? Did the mayor really imply that the garbage cans cost the city $250 each, instead of $1010 as has been previously reported, or did I misunderstand Mark’s tweet?

  5. Anonymous

    “Speaking of Griffin, What ever happened to the Matt H. Housing Authority investigation?”LOL! It turns out both of them were full of hot air! Who know what they were talking about, I bet most of it was crap that Matt pumped up to Marty as a payback to the HACP. He never even put one of those documents online for us to see. He can scan in letters all day he get’s from Judges, but his stack of “inflated invoices” have never seen the light of day. I do agree with you, Marty is in the Mayor’s pocket. He turned soft about a year and a half ago. I give him less then a year and he’s gone. Even Honsburger was making fun of him today for his 1,000,000 giveaway that cost the station a fine from the FCC. He’s now a liability to KDKA. The rumor is they will not get rid of him beacuse of his wife, who I think is a waste as well. I don’t understand that one. She’s no Joe Dinardo or Patty Burns, life would go on.

  6. Mark Rauterkus

    As per the $250 statement, I dare say it was a slip of the speech on the part of Luke. He said that they cost $250, but, I think he meant to say that they cost $250,000 in total. That was the amount of all the cans throughout the city in the various business districts. It was mentioned in passing, but he said $250. It is a darn shame that Marty does not have his show backed up with audio. I offered to do that for him and KDKA just recently so that we’d have these gems for archives and clarity. Perhaps Marty will email or call via his facebook page now.

  7. Bram Reichbaum

    Yes, in response to the Marty Griffin bashing: he’s great. Only problem is not enough of his stuff goes up on audio.In response to the Housing Authority stuff, half that stuff is tucked away on one of Zapalla’s shelves, the other half is tucked away behind a Nondisaragement Agreement. Given the excitement this once generated, isn’t it time someone got the new chair of the Housing Authority on-record as to the state of spending and the state of past alleged misspending?

  8. Anonymous

    But Bram, Don’t you find it suspicious that no one of those documents were ever published? I am practical. When I see something that stinks I can smell it. And that stinks. I don’t think that Matt was subject to a Nondisaragement Agreement with what he has said publicly in this and other forums. If so he would have been sued by now.

  9. Bram Reichbaum

    Yes, but remember the Mayor said on camera he was “very concerned”, et cetera … so much so that he made a big show of dispatching Pat Ford to get to the bottom of things. And to begin with, I’m sure Mr. Ford was made chairman of the Housing Authority for a reason. Something needed to be done. We may not be looking at office misspending but rather collusion with other governmental entities; again, not “misspending” on laptops and umbrellas, but on moving federal monies dedicated to public housing over to redevelopment adventures and the cast of local developers. It’s the kind of thing that would happen. Just conjecture of course.

  10. Anonymous

    Yes, I don’t know but, dispatching Pat Ford to investigate? Was that like sending the wolf to the hen house?In regards to Marty, Bram, it is why people have turned off kdka, people are sick of hearing his glorifying, and slobbering all over the Mayor.

  11. Anonymous

    I agree. Pat Ford investigating? Investigating how to cover it up perhaps…It looks like he did a decent job if that’s what he did.

  12. Anonymous If you are continually bending the law, or using it to suit your own purposes, because you believe you are powerful, and you can just do things like this. Then by all means, you continue to do it. Ford was not only retained by the new mayor after this, but he hired his wife to boot. I am not sure why everyone is scratching their heads over Lamaror power, pay to play, when the night club/AKA as gym, was allowed or no, people looked the other way,when it involved more people who apparently also are considered powerful. Power that is, until you become a liability to the almighty supreme


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