Politics Ain’t Beanbag

Okay. Let’s put aside the Comet’s pretentious idealism for a moment.

Anyone who thinks Councilman Jim Motznik’s foray into the blurghosphere was tactically senseless, stupid or ill-advised, must have spent the summer of 2004 living on Mars. In a cave. With their eyes shut, and their fingers held tightly in their ears.

Put another way: If Rich and Jeremy find themselves maneuvered into the Magazine section, and all the wannabe Riches and Jeremies follow suit, would that be helpful to a challenger? Or an incumbent?

Put a third way: karma’s a bitch, ain’t it, Johnny?

The educated and interested listeners of WDUQ were just told by their Mayor that we should all worry less about pie-fights in the blogosphere, and more about public safety. Oh and by the way, you’ll have your new arena by Friday.

Say whatever you want about either one of these candidates. Neither one of them is hurting when it comes to the strategery department. Especially one of them.

Look alive, Pittsburgh.

3 thoughts on “Politics Ain’t Beanbag

  1. Anonymous

    Luke’s comments make me wonder what he’s so afraid of…makes me want to read the blogs, sort of screams “pay no attention to that man behind the curtain”. I’d say it’s great advertising for the blogosphere.

  2. Richmond K. Turner

    I don’t understand your reference to “Rich and Jeremy” finding their way into the “Magazine section”. I may be thick, but I’m not even positive who Rich (Lord?) and Jeremy (Irons?) are.

  3. Bram Reichbaum

    Heh heh. I was in a film with Jeremy Irons. Waterland. They filmed it in Pittsburgh, and I was paid $50 to stand in the background. Fortunately I’m in the opening sequence, because the film was so gawd awful I couldn’t watch it much longer.

    Jeremy Boren, of the Trib. This is why The Note doesn’t do comments. 🙂


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