Post-Zimmerman Acquittal: While being “radical”, work the system.

by Bram Reichbaum

There is a lot of organizing and discourse going on out there. We lead off this Monday with a quick refresher on why it is still quite worthwhile to register to vote and to support Democratic majorities in the halls of power until further notice.

Congresswoman Barbara Jordan 1976 pt. 2 (h/t Councilwoman Rudiak)

Some of you will need more convincing, so watch pt 1.

I’m just saying.

Bill Vidonic at the Tribune-Review gamely covers yesterday’s major local airings of grievances about the criminal justice system in the wake of the Trayvon Martin verdict. Now is as good a time as any to report that Trib Total Media now also is accepting comments via Facebook Connect. Welcome to the conversation!

Lexi Belfucine at The Post-Gazette writes a fine article, and there is a nifty as always video by Nate Guidry, but so far One of America’s Finest has opted against hosting Internet comments on this spicy occasion. Oh well. More opportunities for R-Scai & B-Rei.

‘Burgh blog Diary of a First time Mom published an open letter to Trayvon Martin’s mother.

Other coverage is out there. You know how to find information and views. Recommend something.

Whereas Pittsburgh Bureau of Police Commander RaShall Brackney did all that is being reported and more, with patience, wisdom and discernment, Now therefore be it resolved that Wednesday July 17th is RaShall Brackney Day at the Comet and all throughout Pittsburghtown.

Whereas one speaker at Freedom Corner, holding a baby and minding a toddler, delivered one magnificent soliloquy among many yesterday touching on the issue of “What now?”, Now therefore be it resolved that Thursday July 18th is Angry ‘Burgh Mother Day at the Comet and all throughout Pittsburghtown.

Some of us Europeans don’t discomfort so easy. Not this Hebrew.


A “conservative” wing of the State House led by Rep. Daryl Metcalfe (R-infamous for other reasons) is causing Excedrin headaches for Governor Tom Corbett and Senate Republicans in regards to his unwillingness to raise revenue to maintain vital state assets. (Trib, Brad Bumsted; see also Barry Scoch, P-G)

I wish I had two CMU robot snakes, because that would make me like the Beastmaster. (Trib, Debra Erdley)

Mustaches are the new cupcakes. If they hold exhibitions of mustached Americans eating cupcakes, that’s end game. (P-G, Gary Rotstein)

The University of Pittsburgh’s Center on Race and Social Problems is organizing, too. (P-G, Mary Neiderberger)

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