Ravenstahl vs. The McNeillys

Bob Mayo has updated information.

3 thoughts on “Ravenstahl vs. The McNeillys

  1. Anonymous

    I love the visual aid – but I’m searching for the correct interpretation. My initial reaction was “Michael Jackson jumped the shark when his hair caught on fire during the filming of that Pepsi commercial” as an analogy for Luke’s clumsy handling of the McNeilly matter. Or, it’s comparable to the pain I feel when I think of my hard-earned tax dollars being flushed away by the 5th floor clown show. Or, (I’m biting my lip as I type and thinking “tsk, tsk” to the Admiral) perhaps it is a reference to a comment the Admiral made on one of the players’ hairstyle. Help me out, would you?

  2. Richmond K. Turner

    Tsk, tsk all you like. But it is truly one hell of a nasty haircut. Burning it — under carefully controlled conditions, where it was certain that nobody would get hurt — would be a pretty good place to start.I really am going to go the hell for saying these things, aren’t I?


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