Ravenstahl, Yabolonsky, and Harris on Natural Gas Drilling

Full article here. This is probably a huge election issue in terms of fundraising and connections-building. The funny thing about having attorneys, engineers and advertising sales reps grow invested in industry expansion is, these then become attorneys, engineers and advertising platforms and their extended families predisposed to believe “safe” natural gas drilling is a very achievable thing, probably safe enough already, and can we get over it.

5 thoughts on “Ravenstahl, Yabolonsky, and Harris on Natural Gas Drilling

  1. Anonymous

    How so? She said nothing that was true. There are clearly regulations on the industry. Maybe she wants more or different rgs, but to say there are none is just false. Also, the drillers do tell us what is in the fracking fluid, just not the exact mix and levels. Again, legiti,ate to want to know that, but tell the truth. Is this Paul Ryan in a dress?

  2. MH

    I really have no idea who is both opposed to Paul Ryan and in favor of less regulation on fracking, but I'm glad they are apparently from Pittsburgh. I don't like living in places that get too sane.

  3. Anonymous

    I'm glad I live in a place where people don't read before they speak. Where did Anon say he/she was against Paul Ryan or in favor of less regulation? I shouldn't expect anything more from MH, but looks like more confused twisting of words. I read Anon as just pointing out that Harris didn't say anything that made sense. Maybe MH is Paul Ryan to extract “being in favor of less regulation” simply by pointing out the fact that there is regulation on the industry.

  4. MH

    Usually when somebody uses a person's name as a synonym for “liar” to attack someone they have both from people the same political political party. That's all I was saying.


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