Recommendations from On High, for Metros like Us.

You say you want a progressive revolution? Well, you know…

It’s not about brand wars and field operations any more, is it? Not as much directly. It’s got to be about governing, demonstrating. It takes long and hard seasons of growing leadership to yield this climate’s requisite harvests of political allies and adherents. These are the campaigns that need waged.

President Obama and HUD are inviting metropolitan confederations like ourselves to take a close gander at a “New Normal” for employee retirements, deleveraging stocks in favor of certain public bonds to pay pensionsthree benefits to fostering a strong information culture, and cautious optimisms for piecemeal governmental consolidations, mergers in satisfying affordable living demand and many other things.

Bonus, they have a database for obtaining “technical assistance” from all federal agencies.

Apparently, this recent Washington approach draws purchase from Chester, Pa. and Cleveland / Youngstown.

Very high level. Respect that alignment.



14 thoughts on “Recommendations from On High, for Metros like Us.


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