Rich Fitzgerald: Wildling Executive


We’ll start you off with this this morning:

Standing along Smallman Street in the Strip District, [Allegheny] County Executive Rich Fitzgerald eyeballs the cars and trucks speeding by. And then, after a moment’s hesitation, dashes across, through the rain — and nearly into the path of an oncoming car.

“We call that ‘the Fitzgerald’,” says his spokeswoman, Amie Downes, with a laugh. “When you just go for it.” (CP, Lauren Daily)


On everyone’s deepest concern:

Boards and authorities, in his view, simply lend advice and expertise. “Where directors and folks are running things in an efficient manner, I’ll be hands-off as much as I can be,” Fitzgerald says. Still, he says, “None of the boards are independent,” and as the elected official, “I’m the one who has the interest of the people.” (ibid)

… Got it.

*-UPDATED: So this story would have us believe that Our County Executive truly has the heart of a rebel… and is a politician. This checks out by everything the Comet can see. Green infrastructure, airport drilling, being tired of Mayor Luke, rhetoric, autonomy… everything. Heart of a rebel, soul of a politician.

3 thoughts on “Rich Fitzgerald: Wildling Executive

  1. Anonymous

    You know who would be the best candidate? No one that any of you even know or have heard of. The best candidate would be someone that knows how to turn around a business and is free from all political influence, whether that be Fitz, the Guv or the unions. Good luck with that.


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