Save the Penguins

“Our point has been all along that the Penguins ought to have some equity in this project, too,” Barden said. “We think we’re contributing more than our fair share.”

With this quote in Mark Belko’s P-G update, negotiations have officially spilled out into the public. There is no ellaboration of what a “fair share” might be for a casino entrepreneur who holds no interest in any NHL franchise, and whose own business karma is entwined with that of a totally separate struggling neighborhood that has not been the cause celebre of media concern.

Peduto discussed his Plan C on KDKA with Larry Reichart, and in bolstering the case for his own importance, reminded us of his dealmaking role in Heinz Field and PNC Park. The Comet wonders if this line on Peduto’s bio won’t be read as a net negative, and also wonders whether the composition of the Hill District (circa 2007) and the North Shore (circa 2000) invite similar strategies.

Finally, buried within Conte & Rossi’s Trib piece on Who Really Runs the Pens, there is news that “Internet media blog has written about Burkle more than 50 times since March.” We’ll save you some time: he has been accused of “modelizing” with Gisele Bundchen and others, of spying on his ex-wife, of attempting to purchase media outlets, and of harboring Bill Clinton.

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