Should Corbett fold, preserve dignity in lopsided Gov.’s race?

Last week, the Corbett campaign blasted a new F&M poll showing his opponent with a 25-point lead as “junk,” going so far as to call shenanigans.

An RMU poll today puts Tom Wolf’s lead over the Governor Corbett at more like 30 points.

And although political contests typically tighten down the home stretch, the incumbent administration has adopted a “La la la la I can’t hear you!” strategy against accusations of wasteful patronage in the Education department — so this contest continues to get more lopsided.


Rational candidates sometimes reach thresholds where they have to weigh what “fighting on” means against all the millions spent, energy misdirected, and earth scorched as part of an increasingly desperate campaign.

My own theory is that at these moments, everyone who derives a paycheck from said candidate becomes doubly adamant that the race is winnable for some reason: if they just reject more scruples, go for the gut, and invest more money to do it.

I do not suggest our incumbent Governor bow out of his reelection bid formally. His opponent will be making too many partisan arguments to cede the battlefield entirely. But if Corbett elevates his tone, spares himself the backlash of media over-saturation, and forgoes the negative, hysterical, idiotic rhetoric of typical campaigns down the home stretch, he might actually get to leave public office with a reputation for maturity and an uncommonly productive final four months.

That would be something different. Memorable, even.

6 thoughts on “Should Corbett fold, preserve dignity in lopsided Gov.’s race?

  1. Anonymous

    Doesn’t really matter. The other guy is white guy millionaire business owner with no women or minorities on his board or leadership positions. So take your pick.

      1. Anonymous

        “isn’t opposed to taxing people and doing government stuff.” Wow, sounds like a great platform. the government taking money from citizens is a necessary evil, but taxing people just to tax people seems a little fascist. Besides, all governments “R and D” tax people and do government stuff. It is all a matter of degree.

  2. Brian Tucker-Hill

    I assume the main consideration for party officials and donors in cases like this is how different approaches would likely affect down ticket contests. And I would think Corbett is the sort to go along with their wishes.


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