Snapshot of the Police Transparency Public Hearing

I call it that because as I understand it, the police reform legislation which still survives in the immediate wake of the Jordan Miles incident would require the recording, compiling and making transparent of certain raw data pertaining to police interactions with the public (or at least with suspects) perhaps by means of wide usage of some form of handy tear-sheets, a data entry clerk and a website. It would be optimal to also have watched the Post-Agenda session last week, but it will be pretty good to watch Council deliberations on Wednesday, Feb. 23.

Introducing the hearing on his legislation, Councilman Burgess:

Many registered public speakers spoke for three minutes. To give you blog readers a taste, here is the bevy of one-minute unregistered speakers towards the end:

The status of when I will have any or all of the 3-minute speakers online is: Part 1 and Part 2 and more and more of that is available, the rest will be eventually. The audio for some was lacking. Note also the presence of a podcast at Here is one final one-minute speaker (Lucille Prater-Holiday), followed by remarks from those City Councilors present:

I pick up the end of Burgess’s invitation to attend Feb. 23’s Council meeting and the hearing’s adjournment here. Thereafter by request he performed another bit of Reverendly duty here.

4 thoughts on “Snapshot of the Police Transparency Public Hearing

  1. Anonymous

    Can't Imagine!

    Egypt insurrection will lead to democracy. Face book, twitter…

    No more than I believe in Peduto or Shields and for that matter…Council @ large…

    Has Clue!

    England has followed lead of other European Countries…

    Multiculturalism is failed policy. Statement.

    Islam is boot to neck, shroud upon face…of women and thumb to larynx of those so opposed.

    Free Societies, need acknowledge, whim…

    Diplomacy, representative government: Not face book mobs, nor blogs or twitter….

    I hate electronics as form of government upheavel….short lived by those that have yet to live.

    Hilary Clinton is catalyst for change…should she stay the course!

    US foreign policy in Petri Dish ?

    Locally, insurrection, was trashing Mayor Luke’s Parking/Pension Plan.

    Rejoice in moment ….history, be damned!

    just saying



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