T.G.I.F. Roundup

The P-G’s Ann Belser reports on Dan Onorato expressing “a little frustration in trying to govern and constantly having the judiciary block us as we try to deal with a home rule government.”

At issue are rulings on property tax assessments, and on a ballot referendum on the office of county Sheriff.

County Councilman Dave Fawcett, R-Oakmont, said the decision should be appealed. The office, he said, “was created during the time of Thomas Jefferson when they felt that every office in the land should be elected to avoid tyranny.”

Editorial Aside: Actually, we haven’t warmed to tyranny.


A P-G Editorial lauds the Oak Hill development compromise struck between Hill District leaders, and the University of Pittsburgh and the Mayor’s office, as a model for citizen action for other communities.

Editorial Aside: Maybe we should have given this more play. (You see? We can self-flaggelate just like the Old Media!)


Two good reads on the TRIB opinion page. Columnist Eric Heyl speculates on the subway tunnels and fancy eateries popping up on the North Side in light of “the post-apocalyptic atmosphere the North Shore typically assumes from the final Steelers game until baseball season begins in April.”

Also, a dynamic duo representing the Allegheny Institute darkly contemplates the use of RAD money to save public transit. We can not find any actual recommendations in the piece, however, unless they are well-buried.

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