“The Blogosphere – It’ll Go Away If We Ignore It”

… this from the sagacious Fred Honsberger, during his recent interview with Mayor Luke Ravenstahl.

Obviously, the Mayor is deeply frustrated over the staying power of Blurghosphgate; and that everyone insists on asking him about blogs and counter-blogs, instead of the finer points of his agenda and voting record; and especially that just as the mess was finally dying down, Councilman Motznik just had to dredge it all up again, keeping the whole sorry spectacle foremost in the minds of the voters, pause, not!

There was just barely time enough for Luke to tell the Honz that he’s optimistic about an arena deal, that he has assured Hill residents a seat at the table, and that he’d like to keep the buses running.

Dan Majors‘s headline in the P-G reads “Mayor Vows to Aid Transit Agency,” although whether “by the blood of his ancestors” or “by Earthshaker Posieden, Lord of these Three Rivers” remains unclear. All he’s suggesting is lobbying the state for funding (they can take care of that during the pensions convoy!) and tweaking the methodology behind the cuts. And suggesting a fare hike, presumably in exchange for maintaining service. It will be interesting to evaluate the credit / blame trade-off for wading into these waters, particularly now that there’s a vow to be reckoned with.

Meanwhile, the 4th Estate of Yinzer Government (The Burgh Report) seems to have gotten a little traction out of the dormancy of the Ethics Board. Dick Skrinjar says it will meet soon, even if it is not meeting anytime soon, and at least one mainstream journalist is taking up the cause. Yet until such a time as either of the mayoral candidates starts banging their fists on the table, it is not clear how any of this will matter.

Query to Pops and Burgher: How is your blog pronounced? I assume we are to say “The Burr Repor,” right? Because you are clearly engaging in satire, viciously mocking Bill Peduto and his advocates, and your real sympathies lie with the Ravenstahl administration, correct? Very sophisticated!

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