The City Goes On…


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14 thoughts on “The City Goes On…

  1. Anonymous

    Chris Ivey is a real winner. I suppose he would rather that there be no investment in E. Liberty. The best guy in the video was the guy that said “if you ain't bringing the good sh&%T into the neighborhood then you don't get to complain.” Chris Ivey exploits the same tired story for his own benefit. He doesn't bring investment. He doesn't bring jobs. He doesn't bring tax revenue – and never did. Now, after others make investments, after others take risk and start to turn this City around he criticizes. What a joke.

  2. Anonymous

    Wow, there is some pent up frustration. Chris Ivey is a good filmmaker, he's not a developer, investor, or politician. He tells a good story that is wrapped with some community activism. What's wrong with that?

  3. Infinonymous

    Honestly, who has he helped and how?

    You could say the same thing about Dan Onorato, Luke Ravenstahl, and the Allegheny Conference — do you?

    At least Ivey seems to be altruistic.

  4. Anonymous

    Chris Ivey is a good filmmaker, but I have to ask: Would any developer invest in that area without the “incentives”?

  5. Anonymous

    Info has a point, but I don't think it's about altruism. It's about him being a film maker, what could you reasonably expect from him? He brings awareness, that is an important role.

  6. Anonymous

    And what about Acklin touting the film? Good man. I have issues with his Republican credentials, but he is everywhere these days, talking a good game, and many people at many levels of politics and community involvement are talking about him. He's running a very good campaign, and I'm sorry to have to ask, “Where's Dok?”

  7. Chris Ivey

    I am not one to hide… so let's stop being anonymous and have a real conversation.

    I can give you a couple of hundred people off the bat who the documentary series has been good for.

    Also, unlike many detractors, I take that you've seen both films.

    Stop hiding and call me.

    Chris Ivey

    Otherwise, who are you?

  8. Bram Reichbaum

    Folks – Spoke with Chris a short while ago. Explained my dumb sense of humor to him, and was in turn informed that both Acklin and Harris were at his most recent screening and “complimented each other” (there's generally an open discussion after the movie).

  9. n'at

    Chris is disarming. Of the thousands and thousands of hours of footage; one man, one woman, every man, young woman. He has established the ability to core the apple of discord, present it to us from the words we sow and cultivate the neighborhoods through communal reflection – like Tony Buba, but without the mustache.

  10. Chris Ivey

    Hello. Thanks for the comments (especially Infinonymous) but my response was to the first Anonymous comment who called me a winner and like most with those kind of comments and then go hide. THAT'S THE REAL JOKE.

    Please stop hiding and step up to the conversation.

    It's easy to guess these types because they never respond to interview requests and never get the facts about the films correct…

    But this too will be addressed in the future.

    Special thanks to local CDCs and the URA.

    Best to all.



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