The “Clean” Slate

HARRISBURG — Gov. Ed Rendell is sticking with U.S. Sen. Hillary Clinton as his choice for the Democratic presidential nomination. (P-G, Tom Barnes)


But if, as many Democrats expect, U.S. Sen. Barack Obama gets the nomination, Mr. Rendell thinks he should choose U.S. Sen. Joseph Biden, D-Del., as his vice presidential candidate.


Not only will Joe’s vast experience and foreign policy credentials shore up Barack’s perceived weaknesses, but his own horrible, horrible gaffes will make those of Sen. Obama look like mere child’s play!

5 thoughts on “The “Clean” Slate

  1. Bram Reichbaum

    Just like Dubya needed the three votes that Cheney consistently delivered from Wyoming. And the 15 that John Edwards was able to wrangle for John Kerry from North Carolina. Oh wait…

  2. IdTheKid

    Don’t you think that the Democrats should choose someone who has actually served as a governor. More and more senators are not the answer. How about Napolitano (AZ) or Vilsack (IA) or Warner (VA)? Please, no more retread ex-presidential candidates. Please.


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