The Dream Lives On!!!

Watch very carefully at 1:48 and 1/2 …

Also, Oscar clip: “What if you can’t get aht?”

12 thoughts on “The Dream Lives On!!!

  1. Bram Reichbaum

    As for the film: maybe it's all the familiar scenery, but try as I might my brain won't compute the plot of this movie any further than “Danger in Pittsburgh!” That's why I'm calling this movie “Sudden Death II: Revenge of Qui-Gon Jinn”.

  2. MH

    I've managed to repress which one Qui-Gon Jinn is.

    I've heard Kevin Acklin's sign was originally in The Road. The producers cut it because they didn't want to push the “bleak hopelessness” thing too far.

  3. Anonymous

    Acklin, who nobody ever heard of before the election, got 6% less than Harris, who had his umbilical cord tied to his Dad for the whole campaign.

    The only thing that's bleak is that anybody every took Harris seriously. Didn't they ever listen to him talk?

  4. Bram Reichbaum

    The only thing that's bleak is that each challengers' coterie had preternatural, obsessive loathings for one another. Oh no wait, either of them having to softshoe out there after the Dowd / Robinson “actual political party” variety show was bleak. Just thinking about 2009 makes me break out in bleak hives. I mean, I guess the G-20 was alright, and Jim Motznik got to become a judge, but still.

  5. MH

    Just funning is all. Part of me wanted to think that nobody cared about Acklin/Harris anymore and part of me hoped that somebody cared enough to get snarky about.

  6. Anonymous

    In the Wonder Boys movie, my house is in the background of a scene where two characters are driving down the street. My Dad says it's like the Zapruder video.

    And don't miss the mostly demolished Syria Mosque in a scene in Bob Roberts, made in 1991. (Yes, Oakland has enjoyed the benefits of a surface parking lot behind the PAA for nearly two decades. Can't wait for the 20 year anniversary of the Civic Arena/Stabile parking lot.)

  7. Al Luccioni

    Love how the Trolley looks like t is actually going more then 5 miles. “hold that train!” no problem the next stop is 50 ft up broadway you can catch there if you walk fast


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