The Episode: S1E2 – The Elements of Harmony

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3 thoughts on “The Episode: S1E2 – The Elements of Harmony

  1. MH

    Since nobody is using the comments here, I'm going to complain about the people boosting the library tax by conducting a push poll. That's the same tacit used by some sleaze who was trying to sell me a cruise. I've seen plenty of unethical political tricks, but I've never personally experienced that one and it makes me want to vote against the referendum even though I signed the petition. People call me and ask for a vote all the time. Why is that too complicated and why do they try to pretend it was a survey?

    (I've been wondering if it wasn't going to fail for some time. This makes me think the people supporting it think it is likely to fail.)

  2. Bram Reichbaum

    I'm pretty wobbly on the Library tax. I love the libraries and they deserve more support. But does this vehicle make any sense? Or is it just, what is available?

    What happens if we apply this as a general rule? Taxes for museums, taxes for parks, taxes for fire stations?


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