“The Fight for ‘Real Democracy'”

Some of its conclusions upon its conclusions are in error, but yeah…

The clearest clues lie in the internal organization of the movements themselves — specifically, the way the encampments experiment with new democratic practices. These movements have all developed according to what we call a “multitude form” and are characterized by frequent assemblies and participatory decision-making structures. (Hardt & Negri, Foreign Affairs)

This article together with this post will get you to some of the next steps in Occupy Everything.

2 thoughts on ““The Fight for ‘Real Democracy'”

  1. Bram Reichbaum

    Right now, the tribe irritating me is the anarchists. Not because they're violent, juvenile or chaotic (thank goodness, we've got an awesome bunch of anarchists!) but because they're opposing consensus on a broad range of camp “statements” and “actions”.

    But I think we can consense on a framework soon. (And if we do, that'll help alleviate the “news cycle” complaint).

  2. Bram Reichbaum

    The End the Fed people, the unions (esp. the SEIU), the veterans, the hippees and the food, art and tech work horses are all getting along fairly well.

    My heart goes out to SDS and I hope to see some Occupiers participating in its call for a student strike soon, demanding a freeze on tuition at certain colleges and universities.


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