The Hospitality Industry

As you know there is a formal City Council public hearing scheduled for Monday, and there is proposed legislation that will be aired at that.

But seriously — now what?

“I see the hospitality industry coming back to Pittsburgh,” said Ernest Williams, an employee of the Pittsburgh Hilton and a member of SEIU. “Our first goal should be to protest Continental hotel, which is on the North Side,” he added. (P-G, Karamagi Rujumba)

No objections over here! I’d say also the airborne hotel in the East End merits a truly lusty protesting. Ordinarily it’s risky to divide one’s forces, but such a thing would illustrate the City-wide nature of the grievances, as well as the administration’s specific track record when it comes to working people.

“Air-rights” for a 2nd floor hotel. Never let it be said that Pittsburgh city government is not innovative.

Also, we have must-read material: the Trib’s Carl Prine.

3 thoughts on “The Hospitality Industry

  1. Anonymous

    Oh come on–it's “rock and roll” Prine, the Rambo of local journalism. He'll trump up any anti-Democratic, anti-liberal bit of trash just to get a chuckle out of his employer. Remember the recent joke (if only) article about prostitutes being more likely to register D than R? Ha, ha. Good one for talk radio.

  2. monk

    Went from 'to' Verizon FIOS….

    Monk blog is not worth saving…wasn't worth saving prior to FIOS. Difficult to retain idenity

    Bloggers beware…

    City Council wants payment center localized…

    How about a provision that maintains and transfers idenity (?)

    Big question for small minds…


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