The Race for Sheriff

A P-G article by Gabrielle Banks reads as well-nigh an endorsement of acting Sheriff Mullen, in the three-way primary for Sheriff of Allegheny County.

Anthony Costa: PROS – Wants to review overtime violations, pursue a less hostile work environment. CONS – Named Costa.

Damon J. Brown: PROS – African-American with international military experience as a police trainer, describes self as “humanitarian.” CONS – Yucky allegations of domestic violence.

William P. Mullen: PROS – Wants to restore honor and dignity to the sheriff’s office. CONS – Hand-picked by predecessor, who wears ankle-bracelet as a condition of house-arrest.

4 thoughts on “The Race for Sheriff

  1. Anonymous

    Mullen was hand-picked by Moffatt in anticipation of merger of the Sheriff and County Police offices – Moffatt would be the supreme ruler and Mullen would be his deputy. DeFazio really shouldn’t be credited w/the choice of Mullen.Mullen really is a smart, hard-working and all around good guy who has dedicated his life to law enforcement – for the right reasons. Brown is a disaster.Costa is, well, a Costa.

  2. Anonymous

    I didn’t catch the race of the first and third candidates. Oh that must not matter becuase they aren’t black.

  3. Bram Reichbaum

    We catch your drift, Anonymous of 1:42, and we usually have some distaste for identity politics ourselves, but in this circumstance we make an exception.We believe that relations between law enforcement and african-americans in our region are so utterly jacked up, that all things being equal (and they rarely are), having a black sheriff in town would definately be a good thing.If we had wanted to emphasize this point, instead of The Good the Bad and the Ugly, we might have appropriated a graphic from Blazing Saddles — but that might truly have been in poor taste.


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