The Smoking Ban: 14 Hours of Joy

A state appeals court has already put the kibosh our very short-lived smoking ban, until it gets around to ruling on the appeal by two local restaurateurs. The P-G’s Anita Srikameswaran could make a career of this.

Anti-tobacco groups are incensed; the ban lasted just long enough to irritate, and not long enough to demonstrate its utility.

Eat n’ Park, the place for smiles, will allow five of its locations to remain smoke-free, said an official.

“We might be waiting forever for the state or the county,” he said. “We do believe in the long term the right thing to do is to go smoke-free. We need to understand what the impacts are if we do that by ourselves.”

The Trib’s Bonnie Pfister includes some reaction from local bar owners.

“Aw, jeez,” said North Side tavern owner Mark Wade, upon hearing about the reversal.

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