The Week in Comments

The facts are that during the heat of a political battle much is said and much must be forgotten.
Tony Ceoffe, on the Burgh Report, reacting to criticism of his son’s letter in the P-G.

All the cat-fighting, the snits & snipes, the embarrassing disarray and airing of laundry These are all good things. They mean an earthquake DID shake Pittsburgh on the Tuesday primary. I’m uplifted.
Char, on the Comet, inspired by the leaked e-mail from Mayor Ravenstahl

Luke wasn’t there? But he was just in Harrisburg! Please, tell me that you are wrong and that he made it to this one. There is nothing — nothing — more important than getting a handle on gun violence right now.
Richmond K. Turner, on the Comet, referencing the recent PA mayor’s conference on gun violence

The problem is that each time something is dangled in front of Doug for his personal benefit (e.g. the promise of the machine endorsement or council presidency), he completely loses his mind and dives into shark infested waters head first, abandoning his sense of what’s right.
Anonymous, on the Burgh Report, about Councilman Shields

The animal control contract was on Councils agenda for next week. COSTA AND KLIMOVICH tried to push it through without council approval. THE PRICE PER ANIMAL WOULD HAVE WENT UP TO $182 an animal. MAYBE THERE WERE KICK BACKS INVOLVED???????????????
Animal Lover, on the Burgh Report, in reference to Puppygate

Look down along the left-hand side of your keyboard. See that one labelled “Caps Lock”? Hit it one time. Then remove it from your keyboard so that you are never tempted to use it again.
Richmond K. Turner, on the Burgh Report, on blurghosphere decorum

Right, so apparently actually there might be a level of agreement that it might be nice if Mayor Ravenstahl were to place some images of Mayor O’Connor around the city. The teen employment program might be a perfect opportunity; Bob O’Connor’s picture should be on those Redd Up t-shirts. Just my opinion.
Ed Heath, on the Pittsburgh Hoagie, on respecting the O’Connor legacy

In a weird way I think that this is one arena being a woman does help – men get to wear navy or grey or black or pinstripe suits, basic ties, buttoned down shirts and that is about it. We get to have a bit more creatiivity with what we wear and I think because of it more personality actually gets to shine through to the voters.
Heather A, on the Ideas Bucket, on politics and fashion

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