This Man Should Have A Major Ambassadorship

Words can’t describe how good this guy is.

Our only major quibble is the “clearness” of the Clinton economic plan (see Swampland for an extended analysis) — along with the short shrift given to the full implications of Obama’s superior political ability (the better to move legislation from the bully pulpit.)

Charlie does throw down with the Governor about 8:20, after listening to a little too much media bashing.

11 thoughts on “This Man Should Have A Major Ambassadorship

  1. Char

    A couple of questions Charlie didn’t ask Rendell:Rendell said “You give Obama 3 1/2 weeks to campaing in any state and he’s gonna be a threat.” Why is that, Gov? Why is it …. and you even admit …. that when someone gets to hear and know Obama, they support him? What does this say about Hillary?Rendell also said one of his big surprises was that “ordinary working-class women” were supporting Hillary in droves …. not just professionals/feminists as he had thought.How does Eddie know this? Has he seen some polls? No, he says he could see these women in the St Patrick’s Day parades in Erie & Pgh …. lining the streets, cheering their hearts out?So now Eddie has gender-specific Yinzer vision? Just by looking at a woman, Eddie can tell if they are working-class or professional? Or maybe his point was that the parades were in Erie and Pgh where there are no professional women? You know …. Just like he *knows* most Pennsylvanians aren’t “ready” to vote for a black? And none of these comments are calculated or offensive….. oh, no. Just straight-as-they-come Eddie telling it as it is.I disagree that his guy is “good”, Bram. He is a lumbering old-school political hack that has done NOTHING but memorize his Hillary talking points which he can deliver with only a few slip-ups IF he is in a lesser cutthroat environment such as Rose or Larry King.Put this guy on Oberman and there’d be plenty of “red meat” all around.

  2. Schultz

    Bram – he flat out lied when he said that. He was not undecided until he compared the policy positions of the two – everyone knows he has been a Clinton =loyalist for years!

  3. Bram Reichbaum

    Schultz — “Flat out” lied? Maybe a little white lie. What do you require of him, to say, “I’m only supporting them because they’re my friends and political allies?” I’m sure they’re his allies for a reason, and that is they see eye to eye on a certain amount of issues of governance.Char — Sorry, I do think he’s good. Rarely did he say anything you could blatantly call him on (Charlie did a good job of this on occasion) and he was extremely gracious towards Obama. And no, although he has some talking points memorized, I believe he manufactures many of his own, and he knows how to get through an hour — and HOUR — without going to far off message, nor being overly repetitive. I call that being very good.He is also affable and friendly, and respectful, and he speaks freely, and poses his message forcefully. I am really getting to think he would make a skilled high-level ambassador. I can see him charming foreign diplomats with his folksy ways, and think he would do a good job representing the U.S. and its values. It’d be nice to see him advocating for things in either possible Democratic administration.

  4. Schultz

    Bram,Lately Rendell has been going around telling the news shows that the Obama campaign wants to “disenfranchise” the voters of Florida and Michigan. This is also a load of BS.“He is also affable and friendly, and respectful, and he speaks freely, and poses his message forcefully.”I agree with you on that point. I have met the Governor and I was impressed with his approachability. I give him a lot of props for the job he did in Philly.

  5. Schultz

    Bram,Can you defend this? < HREF="" REL="nofollow">Here is Rendell on Foxnews,<> saying they have been fair and balanced when they spent two straight weeks bashing Obama because of Jeremiah Wright.

  6. Bram Reichbaum

    “You’ve been fair and balanced … you hate both our candidates” was his lead-in joke, actually.But he did go on to compliment them seemingly sincerely. Which is to be expected. The far right and the Hillarians are in temporary cahoots. We know this. It only makes sense for them.Did I say Rendell was beyond BSing? Quite the contrary — he’s fabulous BSer. Tough to pick apart, is all.

  7. Agent Klezmer

    Um, my quibble is that Rendell says Hillary won “smashingly,” or something like that, in Ohio and Texas. The problem is, Hillary didn’t win Texas! Obama did! Why are Hillary’s supporters still trying to pretend she won Texas. This so confuses me.

  8. Schultz

    Bram,“Actually”, < HREF=" " REL="nofollow">Olberman agrees with me<>. There is no need for me to debate this any further.Olberman: “Governor, seriously. If you think the network that still brings up Vince Foster as if his death was Senator Clinton’s fault has been balanced towards your candidate, if you think the network on which Dick Morris regularly says Senator Clinton completely fabricated a story about her daughter and 9/11 has been balanced, if you think the network whose commentators speculate whether Senator Clinton as president would be subject to, quote, “PMS and mood swings” has been balanced to her, if you think that the network whose supposed newscaster asked Senator Clinton about Iraq, quote “Why are you so determined to declare defeat?” as been balanced towards her, if you think the network which suggested Senator Clinton’s moment of emotion in New Hampshire made her likely to break down during a time of national crisis has been balanced towards her, if you really think Fox News which has done all of that in just the last three months has been “very balanced” about reporting the news about Senator Clinton, then Governor Rendell you are not only no friend of Senator Clinton’s, but you are also an idiot.”

  9. Bram Reichbaum

    Schultz: “Olberman agrees with me. There is no need for me to debate this any further.” Best comment EVER!Seriously, Rendell got out ahead of this in the video by saying Keith Olberman should be on the Obama payroll. THAT is what I mean by saying he’s good. When you get right down to it, it is never wrong to complement your hosts.Klez: Yeah, I KNOW!! Obama got more delegates from Texas, you’d think that’s a win, right? But no, caucuses are of course held in contempt beneath that of even red states.


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