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  1. deegazette

    jumping jehosephats!!! This came just in time. I was about to send the Bram-eister a message somehow to ask how he was doin'. You know, I have teenagers upstairs eating spicy meatballs, and louisiana lickers piroghi getting ready to make mudpies on the woodburner and I think of Bram as one of them.

    Lets talk about the weather now. WHY THE HELL ARE WE BEING PUNISHED SO? A back-door benefit is that neighbors are getting to know one another. Helping people dig out and offering rides to the store. I have not gotten a paper since Friday and I don't want one under these conditions. I am really too busy shoveling snow to read it anyway but I have an undying allegiance to the PG and look forward to feeing the texture of the paper in my hands once again.

    Life is good.

  2. Astrophe, An

    Tuesday's paper reports that “Mayor Luke Ravenstahl… left town Friday to celebrate his 30th birthday in the Laurel Highlands” and that he gave as his excuse the fact “that forecasts that morning called for 4 to 8 inches of snow.” However, in the paper's own story index for Thursday, February 4, the very first article listed is “6 to 12 inches of snow expected starting Friday afternoon”.

    Is the mayor trying to lie to the City of Pittsburgh, or is he just illiterate?

  3. Anonymous

    WTF is with all the mayor’s photo ops now, and why does our local news lap this crap up??? This am … I’ve seen him jumping in to military vehicles, rescue poor old cancer patients, and look very concerned about the situation

  4. InsideAgitator

    Folks, let's recall this very week when Lukie's term is up. Take pictures. Record your 311 calls. Mother nature has granted us a very useful engine to oust the boy mayor: BAD STORM MANAGEMENT! I have it on pretty good authority that this can work (it did in Chicago) as long as we document and retrieve our supreme discontent. Luke lied: my street is a primaary and we have yet to be plowed, let alone salted. LOOOVE IT!!

  5. deegazette

    If we turn this comment option into the go-to spot to discuss this weather event it could be fun and help pass the time. I emailed the 311 line yesterday and reported my street and several that intersect it, as untouched. Good to report that a plow paid a visit yesterday at 4:30 p.m. and a piece of heavy equipment came this morning at 6:03 a.m. plowing again. Barely made a dent. Almost no noticeable impact.

    I listened to Griffin for a few minutes when he had Rob K from the City taking calls. Some of the suggestions made by callers indicate they may never have heard of oversight, ICA, population decline, legacy costs, etc. We can't order salt trucks from the Sears catalogue or take hundreds on assistance or unemployment and hire them for DPW.

    The City of Pittsburgh has shrunk in all ways except in physical area. When you think about the development that has occured we have essentially increased the demand for public services such as streets needing rock salt and asphalt. We are possibly providing more services than ever before.

  6. Anonymous

    BBGC. Bring back Guy Costa. He always reassured us and kept us informed and didn't try to shirk his responsibilities. He would have handled this a whole lot better. I know he left the City because of the lousy City administration and the very same buffoons who constantly undermined him and told Luke they could do a better job and who are directly responsible for this lack of snow removal (Kaz and Quigley). Will they be fired??? And is it true that Director-wannabe Quigley told his workers to go home Friday night at 11pm? WTF? That was when the plowing could have made a difference.

  7. Anonymous

    Oh my, now Luke is answering 311 calls … I’m going to puke. And what intrepid reporter is tracking down this breaking nugget? Why it’s Marty Griffin … of course.

  8. deegazette

    Kaz denied anyone being sent home while on the Griffin show. I saw with my own eyes streets being pre-treated with salt at 10:00 a.m. on Friday. Isn't there any feel-good story out there? Do I want conditions to be better? Hell yes! Do I think anyone intentionally set out to do a crappy job? Or make bad decisions? No, I don't.

    Why don't we all start getting ready for the Great Meltdown?

  9. Anonymous

    On the tv news, The mayor said that the city was hiring contractors with plows to help clear the city streets. LUKE said just call the city if you can help but he forgot to give out the city number.

    Anybody know the number to call?

  10. Anonymous

    They pretreated on Friday. I don't think they let them work Friday night, only three of them, if what I am hearing is correct. If it was only three, then yes those three were helping emergency personnel who got stuck because no one was taking care of the roads. It is true, they should have been plowing all night, all of them, this 5″ layer of ice would not be there.

    I am sick of the Mayor's after the fact photo ops…at this point it is insulting, embarassing for him and it should be for most of his inner circle. This is bad advice from where ever he is getting it. This is a public safety issue and it was not handled properly at all, from beginning to end,regardless of the 14 year event resulting in almost 24″ of snow, it would not have been different if it was 14 inches of snow which they were aware was coming. People cannot get out of their homes, whether it be 14″ or 23″. They can't walk , they can't drive and shame on the Mayor and the control freaks who are supposed to be taking care of Emergencies? They decided that you will not get out of your home for a week, regardless. If you had to get out, they decided when and where.
    It's a city ….not rural, PA. People in a city go out, they return when they want. It isn't Farmville.

  11. Anonymous

    @deegazette – Of course people don't believe that the mayor or anyone else intentionally set out to do a crappy job. However, this is just another crappy job … in a long list of crappy jobs. It speaks to the mayor’s lack of leadership, foresight, planning. Couple that with the fact that he talked about a “war on snow” several years ago … you see a pattern of incompetence. Does Pittsburgh not deserve better???

  12. Anonymous

    I would like a narrative too to explain the footnotes, it would help to discuss. Like many, we need something to sink out teeth into beyond the S-N-O-W.

  13. Bram Reichbaum

    Mark —

    I'm not listing non-municipal and non-statewide candidates (such as Congressional candidates) under “Contestants Ready!” because there are just too many of them. Thanks for the link, though. Do you know if in the contest for the Altmire seat, is there going to be an I, L, G, C?

  14. Mark Rauterkus

    We won't know about candidates for regular Congress seats until later — say June or July or August even. The one is a special election because of the death of Murtha, so that is urgent. There is a “L” there. And, we still don't have a candidate for the special for Walko's old seat yet — I don't think.


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