Thursday: Appetizers

Panel advences bill to curb PHEAA spending (P-G, Tracie Mauriello)

The bill would prohibit the Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency — called PHEAA — from using student aid funds for employee bonuses, promotional items and board retreats.

Um, good.


Don’t panic over Steelers (P-G, Bob Smizik)

It’s time to view the Steelers for what they are, a good team with flaws — just like the majority of the NFL.

This is as close as Bob gets to a pep talk. Any sports columnist who uses the phrase “it’s only a game” better be discussing either riots or salaries.


Roddey to run for top GOP job (Trib, David M. Brown)

But Pittsburgh Republican Chairman Bob Hillen said he won’t back Roddey. “He doesn’t seem to have the fire in his belly for all parts of the county, especially the city, in regards to the party,” Hillen said.

We should probably get interested in whichever Republican candidate that the Republican from Pittsburgh steers us towards. Yet is this really a fire-in-the-belly-for-the-city issue, or is Bob Hillen just beefing?

And do we still care?

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