Thursday: Links of Relative Interest

The City Paper takes first stab at the races for City Council, including a heads-up that Tony Ceoffe Jr. will be among those running against Patrick Dowd: City Paper

Michael Lamb passes on running for County Executive in favor of running for Mayor Controller again: Early Returns

Illyrias thinks the new-old move and arguments against conducting property assessments in Allegheny County are a bunch of collective-defeating, self-serving hogwash: Pgh Is A City

Speaking marginally of which, according to Dan Onorato’s office, Jim Ferlo wants to raise your property taxes: Tribune-Review

Mayor Ravenstahl is getting quietly slagged for passing on both Tom Corbett’s inauguration and last week’s Steelers rally: Tribune-Review (although thank heavens he has committed to attending tomorrow’s Ground the Jets rally. No word yet on whether he would make any hypothetical Trap the Bears or Fudge the Packers rally.)

6 thoughts on “Thursday: Links of Relative Interest

  1. monk

    So happy that I stumble as I wander not upon the path upon which I toe…

    Kanasas Feilds, all my dreams are dust in the winds….


    Quit slobbering at heels of power! Slobber upon hope…

    Set course, slobber free…

    Nice ride Kia Soul loaded…

    Some will froth @ mouth…Kia Soul?

    Figure it out?


  2. Bram Reichbaum

    MH – A Pruis? Is that French, “pru-ee”?

    Monk – Well, at least the best blog in the business has the fiercest troll on the interwebs. Kia's aren't “gay”, they're remarkably cheap. (Saturns are gay.) Kia's are so cheap it seems like they must be shoddy, but gosh darnit I've never heard of them falling apart unduly. But it sounds like you're buying an “upscale” Kia and I can see how that might be a sweet spot. And I get the Pavlovian response over all four food groups, over whatever's cookin' really. I like to eat.


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