Thursday: Morning in the ‘burgh*

Zee keekoff party, it is today. Send a reporter — heck, send a photographer while you’re at it. What do you have to take pictures of today, snow and accidents? (2 Political Junkies)

Get this: Mayor Luke Ravenstahl and County Chief Executive Dan Onorato are coming under what could become intense fire for failing to pay sufficient homage to the Pittsburgh Steelers. YOU CAN’T MAKE THIS STUFF UP. (PghIsACity, Mind Bling)

*UPDATE: Rest assured whatever it is, it will be appropriate. (P-G)

Michael Lamb continues to accrue political goodwill. Who said it’s not good to be the Controller? Your job basically consists of criticizing others. But I feel like we have to ask: wasn’t there a Housing Authority audit in the mix at some point? And Streetface? Or are these being held up for familiar reasons? (PghIsACity)

Progress Pittsburgh is wondering if the Parking-for-Pensions notion is likely to benefit a certain political ally. The Comet wonders more generally if it is intended to help clear the road for city/county consolidation, but P2’s idea is, you know, also fun. (Progress Pittsburgh)

This, meanwhile, is absolutely teeming with possibilities. More to come. (Trib, Tim Puko)

Are my standards for blog consumption totally lower than my standards for newspaper consumption, or is this not ten times more thought-provoking and useful than almost anything by the same author in the P-G? Maybe the difficulties really are editorial or conceptual in nature. (Pittsblog 2.0)

So let me get this straight: the Steelers are picking and choosing which Authority board members etc. get offered special face-value tickets etc. and which do not — and the results seem to correlate with how approving of recent Steelers business these board members have been — and they refuse to answer questions about their policies in this regard. But there are no problems here. These aren’t the droids we’re looking for. (Trib, Jeremy Boren)

28 thoughts on “Thursday: Morning in the ‘burgh*

  1. Lady Elaine

    I have to agree–fans will make their own parade whether the mayor likes it not, and it will cost much more unless he organizes it. And having something in Heinz field that holds 60,000 people when the parade three years ago had over 200,000 people? Ridiculous. It is just good for morale. Spend the stupid $60,000 (adjusted for pittflation) and let us have our stinkin’ parade!I already bought my Jeff Reed hair!BAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  2. Bram Reichbaum

    Does anyone remember any safety issues being discussed after last Superbowl parade?It looked like a real bear to clean up after, but I don’t recall it becoming a public safety issue like, say, the Purple Standing section at the Inaugural in DC.

  3. Matt H

    “It looked like a real bear to clean up after, but I don’t recall it becoming a public safety issue like, say, the Purple Standing section at the Inaugural in DC.”Your right. There weren’t any safety issues. If O’Connor was still alive and in office there wouldn’t be any talk of not having a parade.

  4. Matt H

    After reading the article about it at the PG it sounds like there will be a celebration. It’s just not finalized yet.I’m pretty sure they just don’t want to announce plans for it before the game is even played. No need to give the Cardinals some ammunition to use against the Steelers.I don’t see how they would be able to hold a rally. The only place that would be able to hold that many people would be Heinz Field. I think that may even be too small and people would be left out. A victory parade is the only way to do this.


    Precedence is the problem here folks… If Pittsburgh throws a big giant parade for the Steelers and pays the cost of police, sanitation, permits, ect… Then they must do the same for all others wanting to do the same. This includes the labor day parade, St Patrick’s parade, and when some LESS than desirables want to have their own parade as well. The City used to pick up the majority of the costs of these events, until the Ku Klux Klan wanted to have a parade down Grant Street, and wanted the City to pay the costs. I suggest the Rooney’s or one of the foundations pick up the cost of the parade to the City doesn’t have to waste another 100k down in federal court. THE HUDDLER LOVES A PARADE !!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Bram Reichbaum

    Judge- that <>is<> some news! I extend my congratulations to the P-G, and I encourage them to in fact let him cut loose. I’m just glad I’ve always been so consistently righteous and infallible.

  7. Anonymous

    Public safety issue? PlaaeeezzzzToo narrow a corridor? I think that is what the public safety director said? come on? Where did you come from? Gun violence, safety issue…Parade? …ummm…no brainer…

  8. Ms. Monongahela, Ms. Chief Editor

    How much is Chad getting paid for his bloviations for this MASSIVE AUDIENCE? Gee, I thought he was speechless and had nothing left to say. I wish *I* had an in-law that worked at the Post-Gazette. OK. So which lawyer with too much blogging time on his hands is going to call me and threaten to sue me first because I hurt his itty bitty feelings? Bueller?I know, I know — Bram is going to call a foul. So I’m not a well-behaved lady. It’s your blog. Gonna censor my comments?

  9. Anonymous

    I would say that Bram might delete the post. This new era of censorship from Bram really leads into serious questions of what this blog is about. Since he teamed up with you know who and decided to play only one side and not let others have their opinion I don’t even know why anyone would read this blog any longer. Hail Bram!

  10. Bram Reichbaum

    Ms. Mon – You misapprehend what was going on. It wasn’t about censoring negative opinions as much as it was about eliminating pests. Honestly, if you’d read the repetitive, mindless, pointless, fully anonymous drivel that sometimes pours in when a certain name gets mentioned … as Anon 7:58 chooses to put it, there were no “sides” to it, it was just a straight-up highjacking of every conversation for no reason.Simply by being non-anonymous (you are Francis Sansig Monahan) and commenting about … well, about *something*, you increase your chances of not being deleted about a thousandfold. Playing nice has very little to do with it.Anon 7:58 – “Since he teamed up with you know who and decided to play only one side and not let others have their opinion…”Wait, do you mean Voldemort? Or Matt? Jeez your world is small if everything is about being for or against him. More importantly, bringing people into the conversation who Matt happens to know so you can malign them rudely is not “having an opinion”.“I don’t even know why anyone would read this blog any longer.”Goodbye, it was nice knowing you!

  11. Anonymous

    If I meant one of those people I could not even mention their name beacuse you would tag that as drivel and delete it. Other can have opinions and express them here, but as soon as a golden boy is questions you delete the post. Just admit it. You will feel good about it after.

  12. Anonymous

    I would not egg a person’s house. That’s just senseless and childish. But since you are a nice guy with a nice blog and will agree to edit out the “feckless turd” part of your last post then the goodwill will be extended.

  13. Bram Reichbaum

    Reposted from 8:51 –“Is questioned?” You have been picking on his girlfriend, you [meanie]. And insisting on spreading a rumor that he’s gay on top of that. You know I let very long anonymous comments about him stay up if they had anything to do with his politics or what he wrote. Hell, I just got done insulting him myself yesterday.Really, I beg of you one last time — don’t do this to my blog. You must know where his house is, why don’t you egg it and leave me in peace? Please? Seriously?

  14. Lady Elaine

    Here are some good relationship/blogger counselors:Renaissance Center 910 Penn Ave, Pittsburgh, PA(412) 261-0875 Counseling Center-Pittsburgh 501 Grant St Ste 301, Pittsburgh(412) 255-3763 Mercy Behavioral Health 955 Liberty Ave, Pittsburgh, PA(412) 338-2180 Allegheny Psychological & Counseling Services 1930 E Carson St, Pittsburgh, PA(412) 481-8833 Younz guys might want to do something about all that name calling and back-stabbing and that.Maybe hug it out.

  15. Matt H

    “since he teamed up with you know who and decided to play only one side and not let others have their opinion I don’t even know why anyone would read this blog any longer.”Bram and I have not teamed up on anything. We have our own 2 different blogs.Why wouldn’t people read his blog? Most people who read our blogs don’t leave comments. They read them and move on and hopefully pass the links to friends via E-mail…99% of the people don’t leave ridiculous comments and personal attacks about peoples girlfriends or start spreading rumors.I am glad that Bram has started to clean things up and to not let it run a muck here like it did at The Burgh Report.I will not allow a free for all on my blog and I don’t think Bram is going to allow it here. Most people I know don’t want to read pointless dribble that you “haters” leave in the comments. People want to read good conversation that provides insight into what is going on.

  16. Bram Reichbaum

    Matt, stop letting yourself get baited. Anonymous, don’t order me around. I will turn this blog around, do you hear me?Now let me turn on my Steely Dan and not a word out of either of you until we reach Perkins.

  17. Anonymous

    Sheeshhhh..I am not sure I want a clue as to what is going on here. What I do know, is that insomnia won’t allow you to understand it. Bram, whatever you decide to do to monitor the nonsense, please don’t change the format for anonymous posters, I enjoy contributing now and again. That won’t be possible if you change your format. Too many bloggers have been threatened and “called out” to risk continuing to contribute if you succumb to the dribblers.

  18. Anonymous

    Do I hear you? Do you hear me? I was nice and extended goodwill only to have it thrown back in my face. I’m not ordering you around. You run your blog as you see fit. If you don’t like the results then that’s too bad.

  19. Bram Reichbaum

    You can’t possibly be that easy to offend, Mr. X. I was joking around like I’m a father driving his family on a road trip. How come nobody is getting any of my jokes this weekend?


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