Transit Cuts

“I have no problem with what they are doing,” said Sewickley’s John Strahsmeier, who doesn’t ride Port Authority buses. “But why are they putting that hole under the river that will serve nobody in any manner?”

Quote courtesy of the Trib’s Jim Ritchie, in a decent wrap-up of What It’s All Likely to Mean. Although such incredulous voters will mean little to Onorato, as we recently noted, the sentiment may affect others: see state senator Jane Orie’s reintroduction of her bill to cap funding for the North Shore Connector Project in anticipation of cost overruns (KDKA).

We now place the controversial subway extension, in some murky, deeply hypothetical way, back on the table.

Meanwhile, a P-G editorial calls the gutting of PAT transit “as necessary as it is disturbing,” a position with which the Comet is not in accord, at least until someone makes a similar case against garbage collection, fire protection, or the Pennsylvania National Guard as not-sufficiently-profitable enterprises.

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