Tuesday: Bring It On

First Night is going to be safe: LINK.

Also, the city is ready for winter storms: LINK.

Live your lives! Go on vacation. Buy that new car.

Also, at this time, City Council is in its 6th hour of a meeting in advance of a preliminary vote on the 2011 budget. It seems a few dozen budget amendments came in at the last minute, but in this instance it was less unfair to the groups in anybody’s districts than it was last time. Apparently there are accusations flying around as to whether CDBG funding is being transferred improperly to areas and for projects for which they do not / should not qualify, but I’m not even going to pretend to understand the validity of the specific claims yet. Apparently some if it is being tabled for legal review, though its hard to imagine the progenitors of the amendments could have drawn quite that far outside the lines.


Celeste Taylor and the whole Regional Equity Monitoring Project (REMP) eat CDBG issues for breakfast.

Amendments just passed 5-4 along strict party lines.

Wow, and now it’s on to the hunger groups and Meals on Wheels again and where that money is to come from. I’ve got to say, I don’t envy these folks their jobs sometimes.

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