Tuesday: Stack of Stuff

Mayor Ravenstahl selects Daryl Jones for Fire Chief, who incidentally becomes the first African-American in Pittsburgh to assume that position. (Courier, Christian Morrow)

I expect to be judged on my abilities, leadership skills and vision for moving the bureau forward.

He should fit right in.


We heartily applaud Ruth Ann Daily for cutting out the fluff — but we shamefully kept nodding off during this item. Did anybody read it? Was she justified in her depiction of Cranberry Township as heroic?


We were looking forward to Off the Record VII, but now we’re terrified that gunfire or a roller derby will break out. We assume there will be heightened security. (P-G, Steve Twedt; also PittGirl)


By the way, how does WQED personality Chris Moore get away with calling every young black female guest on his many programs “my baby girl from a previous relationship?” Not saying we have a problem with that; just saying it’s awful Ron Burgundy of him for this day and age.

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