Tuesday: Wurmp, There It Is!

Just dealing with some items as they come in:

Councilman Patrick Dowd is announcing his run for reelection, touting his Councils-to-Go, role with CONNECT, pool, sewer and “greenway” neighborhood projects, and how “With his colleagues, he was able to find a solution for the city’s pension crisis that maintained important public assets, and worked to address debt and infrastructure problems that have been kicked down the road for too long.” Sounds like a discussion topic!

Valerie McDonald Roberts announces her long-awaited return to interesting politics in a bid for County Controller, touting 21 years of experience in public office, re-engineering the Recorder of Deeds office and “methodically closing the gender based pay equity gap in the office, and increasing racial diversity to county demographics.” Your move, Chelsa!

Development upon the Garden Theater block is pushing up against a deadline, probably not so much due to the URA suddenly becoming a stickler as from the preferences and predilections of our incoming Governor. Here’s hoping that the market study gets underway and completed soon; I’m dispiriting of driving to Wilkinsburg to pick up bulk raisins and buckwheat groats.

Speaking of which, you can go ahead and watch PCN coverage of the inaugurations of Gov. elect Tom Corbett and Lt. Gov. elect Jim Cawley live. Right now the latter is talking about “job-crushing government regulation”.

8 thoughts on “Tuesday: Wurmp, There It Is!

  1. monk

    Valerie McDonald Robert's history: is in the company that she kept.

    From the P-G:

    “The Rise and Fall of Twanda Carlisle….

    Once near top of city government, she tripped on lure of corruption”

    Chelsea’s history/experience might not be as lengthy as Val's…

    Clearly she is playing gender card, less racial bias… with more than a smidgeon of old party politicks…

    If black, she would exploit…Deomocratic Party Way.

    Any old bald white guys out there?

    I need a candidate! GOP?


  2. monk

    Disappearance of Black political power brokers

    5th Ward.

    Ever hear of “Pappy Williams,
    (1936) Euzell “Bubbie” Hairston,
    Doc Fielder Jr…

    “The Lion of Pennsylvania-K Leroy Irvis” (got my vote, 'cept hes dead) Pappy pushed…

    Earl Sams…

    Valerie McDonald Roberts, Jake Milliones, Darkins and gay black guy named Smith. He used to sleep in basement of CCB on couch.

    Shelly and Downtown Richie Brown: together we would shake Chris and push him and our agenda to Council Chambers.

    They're all dead now, Old Bald Guy is Last Lefty….

    Me and Ferlo….

    …and a Party!

    Gay, Black and Women…?

    Divides not unites.

    MLK Jr. spoke yesterday in memoration of his dad…and mine.

    We got no beef


  3. MH

    So, O'Connor is official and, if judge position gets the axe, I'll have a contested city council election for the first time since I've been here. Weee.


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