TURNOUT IS AWFUL: An Instant Analysis

1. It helps labor, if labor is in cahoots with itself.

2. It helps the party, if the party is motivated and well-organized.

3. In the presidential contest on the Republican side, in light of this need for organizing discipline and passion we might see a slight bump for Ron Paul. RON PAUL NEVER GOT HIS TURN AS THE ANTI-ROMNEY.

4. Do you suppose turnout is so markedly awful because people were turned away or more likely intimidated by the new Voter ID law?

The weather in Pittsburgh is chilly but fine. Stay tuned.

UPDATES: These….

12 thoughts on “TURNOUT IS AWFUL: An Instant Analysis

  1. Conservative Mountaineer

    Nor Luap is a LOON. As are all the Paultards. Who cares?

    Dealano (possibly) asserting that new voter ID law may (?) be contributing to low turnout? I suppose NO ONE has to an ID to present to cash a check, enter many buildings Dahntahn, buy cigarettes, buy beer, fly, get a driver's license, get an EBT card, food stamps… You get the picture. Another 'manufactured' crisis.

    I GLADLY produced my Driver's License. In years past, the elderly lady would have already had my voting card out but waited until I identified myself. She KNEW who I was and asked about my daughter, etc. I LIKE how the process has changed. Say who you are and produce ID BEFORE you can vote.

  2. Anonymous

    I joyfully insisted that the ladies at the polling place look at my drivers' license. I had it in my hand before I entered the building. It is not the best picture, but it IS the best photo id I have ever taken and election days are days of great celebration for me.

  3. Anonymous

    I was not asked for ID when I voted early in the morning, probably because my photo is a CRIME! However, I did forget to sign my voting card. When I returned to the polling place late at night with my wife so she could vote, the nice poll workers called me over to point out the oversight and let me sign. THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKIN' ABOUT! BTW, good story or letter in the PG this morning (my wife read it to me) about a man who doesn't have a birth certificate (an no, CM, his name wasn't OSAMA BIN LADEN!). As BRAM noted, those of us fortunate enough to have ID shouldn't feel superior to those who don't have it through no fault of their own, and as Americans, we should still support their right to vote.

  4. MH

    I have a winning smile so not everyone follows procedure with me. I can even get the barista at Starbucks to not call me on it when I use “small,” “medium,” and “large” like a normal human.

  5. EdHeath

    I love how Republicans insist on no restrictions on behaviours they favour (such as driving as big a vehicle as fast as they want, carrying guns anywhere they want whether they are convicted felons, and shooting African Americans if they want to), yet have no objection to being told to show “papers” when they vote. I assume this is the first step towards an American apartheid system, where African Americans are systematically denied the right to vote unless they pay a higher percentage of their income on federal taxes than millionaires do.


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