Two Places to Get Election Results

1. The Pittsburgh Comet

2. The Lamar Advertising LED display on south-bound Route 65, just before the North Shore exit (true story).

Of course, if you want meaningful results, you might have to wait a few days:

Unlike most states, Pennsylvania has a large number of counties split into multiple congressional districts. That could delay results by a day or more as election officials work to assign votes to the appropriate districts. (MSNBC)

And wouldn’t this be fun:

The distribution of delegates among congressional districts raises the possibility that one candidate could win the statewide vote and the other could win more delegates, but the statewide vote would have to be very close.

PROGRAMMING NOTE: The Comet will be leaving for a post-primary jaunt to Las Vegas, Nevada on the morning of Thursday, April 24, and will not be returning to Pittsburgh until Wednesday, April 30. All outstanding city business must be completed and turned in by the time the dailies go to press tomorrow night.

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