UPMC’s Tax Exemptions on the Watch List: This is what a Grand Coaltion looks like.

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On the “Watch List”:

• UPMC. The tax-exempt status of the health care giant is under increasing scrutiny. Its untaxed holdings have become quite vast. Compensation for more than a score of executives is quite high. Its charitable care, while numerically high, is a small fraction of its income pie. Expect the matter to end up in some court somewhere sooner rather than later. (Tribune-Review, Edit Team)

The right-leaning editorialists didn’t deign to mention the contemporaneous labor organizing drive (and why would they?). This feels like an endorsement for consistency under whatever regime of government redistribution reigns lawful, and a demonstration of empathy for a public which feels starved of economic justice.

Empathy, and a little qualitative empirical support.

MEANWHILE: Rich Fitzgerald pounces (Trib, Bobby Kerlik). The P-G offers several Collected Works worth of background.

2 thoughts on “UPMC’s Tax Exemptions on the Watch List: This is what a Grand Coaltion looks like.

  1. Anonymous

    Someone needs to look in to St. Barnabas up in Pine-Richland. They are a mini-UPMC that is governed by multiple non-profit entities that spread out the overcompensation of 1 family (The Day Family) so that the media can't go after them. They are buying up lots of housing plans in Northern Allegheny County and making the plans senior living places. Someday they hope to make all those properties non-profit and avoid paying property taxes.

  2. Bram Reichbaum

    The commercials for St. Barnabus are the best! That guy… the happy resident, everybody's Kramer-esque neighbor, with the giant glasses… “And at St. Barnabus, afterwords you can go to a show at the Kean Theater!” Who is that guy? SEBAAAAAAAK? (No, I'm not talking about Jim Roddey.)


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