Wednesday: Tony Coghill

The Pens AKA Pittsburgh Penguins are accused of becoming “unglued” in their series against the Flyers, while many sports fans debate the impact of selling beer at Kennywood Park.

Legendary drummer Levon Helm battles cancer, while Ted Nugent’s remarks regarding President Obama draw Secret Service scrutiny.

Allegheny County Democratic Committee warlord and past City Council candidate Tony Coghill endorses Erin Molchany for State House D-22 over Marty Schmotzer. (City Paper Slag Heap, Chris Potter)

City Councilor and fellow mod-squad member Natalia Rudiak urges that the state establish a funding source for mass transit tapping “corporations and wealthy individuals” (P-G, Natalia Rudiak) as a committee prepares to slash transit services by more than a third (Trib, Tom Fontaine).

Anticipation for how great things are soon going to be on the West End reaches a fever pitch as the new West End Alliance receives more support from the city and URA. (Trib, Bob Bauder)

The scene outside an EQT Corp. shareholders meeting gets markedly choppy as protesters, shareholders and protesting shareholders force questions about executive compensation and federal tax policy, with security and police pushing back. (P-G, Erich Schwartzel)

Sen. Pat Toomey calls the proposed “Buffet Rule” a gimmick, a stunt, and a waste of time that will generate “less than $5 billion per year” towards the budget deficit. (PoliticsPA)

Seamus Johnston and Katherine Anne McCloskey seek to shame authorities who subpoenaed them in connection with the Pitt bomb threats:

“When my friends are exonerated from being persons of interest, it will show transgender folks everywhere that they do not necessarily have to fear bias in the justice system,” said Roy Johnston, who is Seamus’ father. (P-G, Rich Lord)

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11 thoughts on “Wednesday: Tony Coghill

  1. MH

    I just figured out they're going to stop the buses from the bar to my house at 10:00. That will either hurt the economy or improve my fitness.

  2. MH

    I was speaking more narrowly of the effect of me going home earlier or walking home. More generally, it will hurt the economy.

  3. deegazette

    The race in the 22nd should be interesting. I got a call asking who I would vote for if the election were held today and I answered “Erin Molchaney” with great conviction. I reasearched all candidates including Chris Cratsley and she was my choice. As engaging as Mr. Schmotzer was when he introduced himself at the fish fry I can't toss him my vote. Schmotzer says he wont run after the redistricting, but Tom Corbett said he would be a one term governor too.

  4. Bram Reichbaum

    I hear the race might get a little queered with Shawn Lunny still appearing on the ballot, though he has legally been removed / withdrawn.

    Hey, the P-G is taking it's time with this endorsement, isn't it? Usually it saves up their, “We want to have a big impact on this election!” moments until last.

  5. Anonymous

    I'm just glad there are not more politicians like Rudiak. She is clueless. I guess never holding a job qualifies you to want to take money from others and use faulty math to invoke class warfare. Anyone know that more than 40% of taxpayers pay ZERO Federal income tax?

  6. MH

    Anybody know that 100% of taxpayers with jobs pay FICA, but that you only pay Social Security on your first $110k. Anybody know that if you count the whole thing, just the FICA portion nearly as high as the capital gains taxes paid by people who don't work. Anybody want to guess as to how many people from the tea party repeating the 40% figure get Medicare.

  7. Bram Reichbaum

    Anon 9:58 pm – Before I bother to do research, would you like to qualify what counts to you as a “real job”? I feel like that's where this is going.

    MH – I think the, “Get your government hands of my Medicare!” problem is well known. In the end, that's why we'll preserve Medicare by raising taxes and fees mostly to tap reservoirs of wealth, or institute a national lottery. People seem to enjoy Mega Millions.

  8. Anonymous

    To a Tea Partier (do not pronounce the French way), a “real job” means a job as shitty and soul-crushing as the one they and/or their parents currently fill or filled.

  9. Anonymous

    Well the PG came out with its 22nd endorsements. I have never been a single-issue voter, but now see that Cratsley will be my choice to fill the seat for the remainder of this term, despite disagreeing with him on the topic of pro-life/pro-choice. I was unaware that Erin Molchaney was not in that race. She will be my choice for the two year term, which will be the last for the 22nd. Good luck Chris. Good luck Erin.


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