When Technocrats Attack

“My people who support me — the ones that write checks — don’t sell asphalt for a living. They’re not looking for city contacts.”

This was not lifted out of context. This was a forthright body-blow delivered by Bill Peduto on KDKA’s “The Real Deal” with Marty Griffin (Ravenstahl’s turf?).

Safe to say that when the campaign fundraising reports are submitted on Wednesday (h/t P-G Early Returns), we will not be shocked by Team Peduto’s unexpected strength. Peduto is laying the groundwork for spinning his monetary disadvantage into a populist advantage.

Ravenstahl “thinks there are a lot more important things to be talking about,” apologizes for nothing, and invites scrutiny of Peduto’s own contributors. There really wasn’t much he could say.

The Comet will be tracking the money-as-evidence-of-machinery charge, the frequency of the “asphalt” meme, and whether or not it conjures more images of honest, hardworking Americans, or the layabout Sopranos on their “no-work jobs.”

One thought on “When Technocrats Attack

  1. Mark Rauterkus

    They are both nuts for what they say and do in terms of finances. To the clueless, just look at the city’s finance condition in the past.

    Peduto says he’ll raise $500k. But says he’s not a machine politician.


    Luke is happy to see $10,000 go to the Pittsburgh Promise, yet spend $1-million for a primary that pays $90K a year — for 2 years.



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