You were promised liveblogging…

So that’s what you’re going to get.

So now we have two groups: the Moving Forward coalition, and the Heinz / Steelers / Penguins / Pittsburgh First complex. Particles within these camps may or may not find themselves more naturally in other camps as time progresses.

This puts Carnegie Science Center most particularly in the cat-bird’s seat.

We will be watching very closely the development of Mr. Barden’s schedule this Friday and Saturday.

People of all stripes will be staking out Max’s Allegheny Tavern, the Penn Brewery, the James Street Tavern (maybe), U.G.L.Y. … and that last new bar out west, where the geese graze.

And sometime before you go to bed tonight, clear your mind a few seconds and think of Mario Lemieux on the stump.

Meanwhile, the renovation of Point State Park continues apace, including the moving of earth, the dismantling stonework, and the clearing of old trees. The PG had coverage, as did The Trib, KDKA, Point State Park

Tune in around 10:00 AM for the start of regular Pittsburgh Comet coverage.

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